Being stuck in a Dunce sessions sucks. @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport

For the past day or so and last from I saw 9hours left on a ingame punishment”Bad Sport Session” that I didn’t deserve. Monday this week I was in a session on GTA Online I was finishing up with a freemode event a modder as alot of people call them I call them hackers. The hacker I came across didn’t only do it to me he did it for everyone in the session. He did insurance cost on everyone it was over 16 insurance costs in second to were I went from 400+k to 100k and five stars instantly, I even had to do Alt+F4 to close my client. I loaded back up and was stuck in a dunce session, I got it easy another person there said he had 5 months to finish. The only way I got 2+ weeks worth of work of money back was another hackers one of the nice ones reimburse me near were I was before it happened and that is all I wanted he offered more but I didn’t want to. I did a support ticket about it and basicly I was told oh well and nothing was done and service ticket was closed.