suggestion for #PokemonGO ‘s tracking system @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs

Ok over the outrage over pokevision and other items to help find PokemonGo. I hope that someone at Niantic Labs gets this because I do have a suggestion for the pokemon tracking system. The idea I have comes from Fallout 4 during one of the missions and something that Ham”Amateur” Radio people sometimes called a Fox Hunt.

In this first clip is part of the mission from Fallout 4

I didn’t relate it until just now, to this for example, jump to 33:01


I have a idea for the PokemonGO nearby list, basicly almost the same idea as in the the Fallout 4 mission and the Amateur radio game Fox Hunt. 2016_08_01_15.02.29

Basicly make it were you can click on the pokemon in the near by list and  and it focus on that pokemon and it starts to beep or vibrate the phone depending on the settings. You go the direction the beep will stop, When the player gets closer the beep gets faster until in range of the pokemon and appears on the screen.