I treat pokevision as a Tool. @PokeVisionGo @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs

Let me say off the bat or in this case zubat I don’t support the use of cheats and hacks with Pokemon Go. I recently saw an article on a site dealing with hacks and Pokemon Go and pokevision did show up in this article . The one reason why I use this as a tool is that there tracker has been buggy and were I like it is a populated housing track has homes on  hills even and they are steep hills but to  reach a town in either way is around 3 miles to reach a town or shopping center. With the spawners for the pokemon in my area they go from all over the place to being up on the on the highest and steepest and that doesn’t count that the only pokestop in the area is in a dogpark and darkest part at night. I don’t have a car like alot of players my age I am on a bicycle.

Niantic I see were you are coming from and understand why you don’t like pokevision but here is the thing when you don’t live in a city and only a housing track with 1 pokestop and 1 pokegym and some areas are not properly lite up with street lights and steep hill it can be hard to play as sometimes the spawners will bunch up in one area and it be the only group. There have been bunched up spawners in a middle of the field and at night you don’t want to go out in the middle of this field at night were you could get bite by a venomous snake. The reason why I am mainly placing these at like is because I live in California and it is summer time so most of the players do Pokemon Go at night when it starts to cool down.